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Podcast | Episode 31 | RTS Homeless Youth and Education with Union Gospel Mission’s CEO, Dr. Charles Morgan

rock_the_schools_3RTS Homeless Youth and Education. Chris Stewart and Dr. Charles Morgan, CEO of Union Gospel Mission will dig deep into the family’s root cause of homelessness and its connection to education. Dora Jones, Founder of Mentoring Young Adults, will join the conversation to shine light on an education system that has failed MYA’s youth and families that she serves in Saint Paul, MN and why she is on a mission to disrupt poverty.

Guest Bio:

Dr. Morgan is CEO oMorgan Rhotof Union Gospel Mission. He served as Founder and Senior Pastor of Resurrection Life Fellowship, a non-denominational Christian Church located in Westchester, California, for thirty-three years. Concurrent with his pastoral ministry, he was Vice President of Program at the Los Angeles Mission.

Dr. Charles P. Morgan hails from Thibodaux, Louisiana and is a graduate of the University of Southern California, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. He is a graduate of Antioch Christian University, where he earned the degree, Doctor of Theology.


Dora Jones, Executive Director, Mentoring Young Adults

Dora left Minnesota to pursue a career in Arizona.  After returning, she encountered a young lady on the street, carrying her belongings and crying.  She took that young lady under her wing and mentored her into an education program and then on to college.  That was the day MYA opened its doors to mentoring young adults and teaching them the tools necessary for digging themselves out of poverty.  The rest as they say is “history”.

Dora  made a commitment nine years ago to address the poverty and economics challenges that exist in communities of color.  In her book “Divided Souls”, Dora speaks of the challenges she faced growing up in St. Paul, MN.

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