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Podcast | Episode 29 | RTS Black Brilliance . . .The Believe in Black Youth Campaign

rock_the_schools_3Meet the producer, Rebeka Ndosi, who worked on TPT’s Believe in Black Youth campaign. Black Brilliance, the documentary first aired Sunday, September 27 on TPT, featured 5 Minnesota High School seniors who demonstrate black excellence while overcoming stereotypes and defying the belief gap, to soar to success. “Black Brilliance” and the “Believe in Black Youth Campaign” is produced by Twin Cities Public Television and part of American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen – a national initiative in which local communities identify solutions to the challenges facing K-12 education in America.


TPT Black Brillance | Full Documentary

IMG_3713Special guests: Eshay Brantley (student featured in Black Brilliance and the Believe in Black Youth Campaign), Keno Evol (youth advisor & spoken word consultant), Carl Lobley (youth advisor), Isiah Dennis (youth advisor), Alisha Volante (project consultant & evaluator), Rebeka Ndosi (producer & project manager)


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