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Podcast | Episode 25 | RTS “The Politics of Labor in Education”

rock_the_schools_3The Politics of Labor in Education with special guests, Journalist/Writer Beth Hawkins and Lynnell Mickelson, Co-Founder of Put Kids First, discussing the most central figure in the educational life of children, their classroom teachers.

Yet, the most important rules governing how teachers arrive to classrooms, how they stay there, and what is expected of them are tied up in labor politics that impact almost every aspect of teaching.

In a previous show we discussed the mysterious and depressing way in which teacher contracts are negotiated. What takes place in the negotiating room likely would shock many Americans. But, even more damning is the way in which teacher union supporters act politically against advocates of school reform. We will discuss the real consequences of being an activist for changes to the way schools hire, train, and retain teachers.



Beth Hawkins,

Education Journalist / Writer

Lynnell Mic287fe0akelson,

Co-Founder, Put Kids First and Writer

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