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Podcast | Episode 20 | RTS Live from New Orleans with special guest and parent Ed activist, Ashana Bigard

rock_the_schools_3For the month of July Rock The Schools is recording in New Orleans as part of a future series on the anniversary of post-Katrina school reform. We will speak with parents, educators, and community members about the challenges and successes that have come from rebirth of public education in a city that has a long history of racial caste and a three-tiered system of education.

On this episode: School reform in New Orleans is a national story that is often called miraculous by education leaders, but local parents often tell a more mixed story. Our guest Ashana Bigard is one of those parents. She has helped parents navigate NOLA schools and has seen first had the struggles they have had to get the best education for their kids (even after reform). We talk to her as a critical friend, to hear what education reformers should know about the parent perspective. Ashana has been featured on the Edushyster blog and in The Atlantic.

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1 Comment

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