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Podcast | Episode 14 | Power To Parents And Students

rock_the_schools_3“Power To Parents And Students” with special guest parent Latasha Gandy discussing the need for school reform efforts to be led by parents and students who are most effected, and the challenges developing parent power in the movement. Posted Saturday, June 6th @ 9am.

Gandy HeadshotLatasha Gandy
Minnesota Managing Director
Students for Education Reform / Students for Education Reform–Action Network
Latasha co-founded and co-led SFER’s chapter at Metropolitan State University from 2012 until she graduated magna cum laude in the spring in 2013.  Latasha attended St. Paul Public Schools as a teenager.  She was in the top of her class and was baffled to learn that she needed to take remedial courses when she enrolled at Metro State—she is motivated to work in education reform by her knowledge that low-income students and students of color are systematically disadvantaged by poorly performing public schools. She is also the mother of two daughters, age 11 and 6, who attend Prodeo Academy and KIPP NorthStar. Latasha’s responsibilities include recruiting, training and leading student coalition’s campaign and event planning process, as well as leading the building of strategic relationships between our student organizers and elected officials, community partners, and donors.

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