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Podcast | Episode 12 | Caging The Black Mind with Special Guest Educator Lee-Ann Stephens

rock_the_schools_3The dominant discourse about black and brown students focuses on their perceived deficiencies. It is said that they enter public schools lacking in vocabulary, motivation, self-control and the ability to persist through challenging intellectual questions. Their parents are accused of being under-educated and insufficient in their ability to impart the basic foundations for education at home. Their communities are said to be under-resourced and therefore full of pathologies that prevent our children from learning. Yet, several researchers have found a troubling problem: it is actually the brightest, most prepared black students who lose the most ground in the early grades. Lee-Ann Stephens, a teacher who works with high performing students of color, joins Rock The Schools to discuss this compelling blind spot in the education debate. Podcast available Monday, May 25th at 6am.

Lee-Ann Stephens Bio

headshot-74x74 Lee-Ann Stephens has been an educator for 25 years with K-12 teaching and leadership experience. She currently serves as a teacher on special assignment with the St. Louis Park School District in Minnesota. She serves Latino and African American high school students who are enrolled in Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and honors’ classes. She previously served as an adjunct professor at Metropolitan State University and she served on Minnesota’s Board of Teaching. She holds a B.A. in International Studies, B.S. in Elementary Education, M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and she is currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. She was named Minnesota’s Teacher of the Year in 2006.


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