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Podcast | Episode 11 | Is Public Schooling Dead? with Special Guest, Justin Cohen

rts150x150Over many years school reformers have labored to improve public schools so that more children succeed academically. After years of reform, American public education looks remarkably like it did a century ago. With the rapid pace of change that has accelerated innovations in every area of life, can we continue to support a fossilizing system of mass, compulsory education that seems doomed by its irrelevance? Is it time to ask if public education in its current form is dead? Justin Cohen joins Rock The Schools to discuss his ideas about how obsolete public education has become. Posted Sunday, May 17th 2015 @ 9pm

Justin CohenJustin Cohen is an education policy consultant and writer. For five years he was president of Mass Insight Education, where he was a national thought leader in school system transformation and school turnaround. Prior to leading Mass Insight, Cohen was director of portfolio management at the DC Public Schools, where he was a senior advisor to Chancellor Michelle Rhee. Before that he was in leadership roles at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and Edison Schools. Cohen’s writing has appeared in Ed Week, the Stanford Social Innovation Review, and the National Journal Online. He serves as chairman of the board for Students for Education Reform and as the academic chair for the Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools in Washington, DC. Justin is a fellow of the Broad Academy and served on the education policy committee for President Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. He holds a BA in cognitive science from Yale.

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