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Podcast 37 | Richard McLemore, Housing and Employment Mgr. at Ujamaa Place

th-1About Richard McLemore, Housing and Employment Manager at Ujamaa Place

Richard McLemore shares the challenges he sees in educating youth in the criminal justice system based work at Ujamaa Place in placing low level offenders in housing and jobs.  In the below audio, Richard McLemore talks candidly with RTS Executive Producer and CURA Researcher, Monique Linder about the mental conditioning that goes on in the criminal justice system that institutionalized the convicted. Once you figure that out and are dropped into society with a pamphlet and a meeting with the person supervising you.  Richard 8103090_origdescribes juvenile detention as pre-incarceration and spends time interacting with youth in St. Paul to facilitate their transition back into society.   The highest population of youth in juvenile detention center are African-Americans. Richard expresses his sadness at the high number of youth who return to JDC due to technicalities. In 2014, there were 200 cases related to criminal activity over 2,000 youth returned to JDC due to technical violations.  Ujamaa Place values partnerships with social services agency Mentoring Young Adults to assist youth with reentry into society.  The critical need is to big for one agency.  To learn more about Ujamaa Place, go to:

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