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Hashim Yonis

12650939_10100140189326665_6596070485102471229_nHashim Yonis is the youngest and first Somali Principal in Minnesota. Hashim graduated from St. Olaf College with a degree of Liberal  Art. Hashim received his Masters from The University of Minnesota and majored in Educational Leadership and completed his Principles License. Currently he is a fellow at Relay Principles Fellowship. Hashim Yonis is currently the principal at Best Academy East one of the leading public charter schools in the nation.

I am a product of Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and the United States. My identity is shaped by the world in which I have lived and, as a result, it is contradictory and complex because it is a hybrid of many influences. My identity is not a fixed configuration but a product of growth and change. I am a product of many cultures, ideas, people and, most importantly, the city of Minneapolis.

Helping and working with those who are in need through education is my passion. The ability to speak seven languages, to have lived and traveled in many countries around the world and to have been mentored by Minneapolis Mayor, RT. Rybak and Michael Bradley, Principal, Roosevelt/Wellstone International High School are the greatest assets that have contributed to my being the first, and youngest, School principal in the state of Minnesota.

We all have dreams and goals that we want to accomplish. Our dreams and goals are driven and motivated by the societies in which we live.

I believe knowledge is the life for one’s soul and the fuel for one’s character. I believe that education is powerful and offers many opportunities for success in the future. The more one educates him or herself, the better person he or she becomes. Most importantly, learning is a means of growing and expanding a person’s horizons, which also means sharing and distributing services and knowledge to those who are in need.

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