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Episodes 26 -30


Podcast | Episode 30 | iTunes (Download) RTS with Citizen Stewart Talks One-On-One With Civic Rights Activist DeRay McKesson . . .In a short time DeRay Mckesson has become known for a new brand of civil rights advocacy, based largely on digital activism. Along with other activists he has raised consciousness about police killings of unarmed black people in communities across the country. While most of his followers know him for that work, fewer know the deep understanding his time in public education gave him for how human capital and classroom practices impact students, especially those in poor communities. He joins our show to talk about the importance of understanding school systems if we want to achieve educational justice.

Podcast | Episode 29 | iTunes (Download) RTS Black Brilliance . . .The Believe in Black Youth Campaign Meet the producer, Rebeka Ndosi, who worked on TPT’s Believe in Black Youth campaign. Black Brilliance, the documentary first aired Sunday, September 27 on TPT, featured 5 Minnesota High School seniors who demonstrate black excellence while overcoming stereotypes and defying the belief gap, to soar to success. “Black Brilliance” and the “Believe in Black Youth Campaign” is produced by Twin Cities Public Television and part of American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen – a national initiative in which local communities identify solutions to the challenges facing K-12 education in America.

Podcast | Episode 28 | iTunes (Download) RTS Special from Washington, D.C. (Part II). . . .  Rock the Schools with Citizen Stewart talks #Black Lives Matter from Washington, DC with special guest Chauntyll Allen of Black Lives Matter, St. Paul, MN, after attending sessions at the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference 2015.

Podcast | Episode 27 | iTunes (Download) RTS Special from Washington, D.C. . . .  “What happens when you take parents to our nation’s capitol to discuss education reform.”  Chris debriefs with three #NOLA parents after attending education sessions at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference 2015

Podcast | Episode 26 | iTunes (Download) RTS “The Politics of Education” with special guests JACKIE TURNER, Chief Communications Officer St. Paul Public Schools, LATASHA GANDY, Students for Education Reform and MICHAEL SPANGENBERG, Education Activist and Writer promoting power to parents and students.  What about the inside mechanics of public education would surprise average citizens if they knew more about how politics work in school districts? What challenges confront people who work within school systems – or within education – that limited their ability to do right by kids? How can district workers, community activists, and teachers work together to combat system inequity in education?

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