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Episodes 21-25


Podcast | Episode 25 | iTunes (Download) RTS – “The Politics of Labor in Education” with special guests Beth Hawkins and Lynnell Mickelson engaged in a discuss that focuses on the central figure in the educational life of children . . .their classroom teachers.

Podcast | Episode 24 | iTunes (Download) RTS – “The Politics of Integration” is a powerful exchange between law school professors Nekima Levy- Pounds, Professor of Law at University of St. Thomas and Myron Orfield, Professor of Law at University of MN.

Podcast | Episode 23 | iTunes (Download) RTS – Chris Stewart and special guest educator, Charles Cole “Breaking Down The Oakland Public School Industrial Complex”.

Podcast | Episode 22 | iTunes (Download) RTS – Chris Stewart and special guest, 2015 Puget Sound ESD Teacher of the Year Nate Bowling, discussing “Where are the Black Teachers?”

Podcast | Episode 21 | iTunes (Download) RTS – If you listen to national anti-reform activists you might assume that all education workers that came to rebuild public education in New Orleans were opportunistic carpet baggers seizing on a profitable opportunity.

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