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Episodes 16 – 20


Podcast | Episode 20 | iTunes (Download) RTS – School reform in New Orleans is a national story that is often called miraculous by education leaders, but local parents often tell a more mixed story. Our guest Ashana Bigard is one of those parents. Posted Friday, July 24th at 10am.

Podcast | Episode 19 | iTunes (Download) RTS – Building A Better School with Greg Gentle, Flex Academy Principal. Whether we call it “reform” or not, the effort to improve school isn’t solely about fixing public education. Posted Friday, July 13th at 6am.

Podcast | Episode 18 | iTunes (Download) RTS – “With Friends Like These”with special guest Jennifer Berkshire Founder of Little House Communications. Liberals and progressives have traditionally been counted as allies in the struggle of marginalized communities to gain education.

Podcast | Episode 17 | iTunes (Download) RTS – “Education Reform From The Outside In” . . .Your perspective on education activism changes when you become a leader within a school district after being an activist. Alberto Monseratte shares his journey as an education reformer, activist, and the first Latino board of education member in Minneapolis. Posted Friday, June 26th 2015 @ 4pm

Podcast | Episode 16 | iTunes (Download) RTS – “The New School Must Be Just” with special guest, newly elected Minneapolis NAACP President, Dr. Nekima Levy-Pounds. Nekima Levy-Pounds was recently elected as the president of Minneapolis’ NAACP. A fierce advocate for justice, and a supportive critic of school reform, she embodies a hopeful “third way” approach to education activism.

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