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Episodes 11-15

rock_the_schools_3Podcast | Episode 15 | iTunes (Download) RTS -“Can we have better education if we can’t agree? with special guest Devin Foley, President. Earlier this year the school reform outfit Better Ed had a dust up with Black Lives Matter Minneapolis, which exposed how disconnected some forms of school reform are disconnected from the communities they want to help. I speak with Devin Foley about this and the strange politics of education reform. Posted June 12th @ 11pm.

 Podcast | Episode 14 | iTunes (Download) RTS – Power to parents and students with special guest Latasha Gandy discussing the need for school reform efforts to be led by parents and students who are most effected, and the challenges developing parent power in the movement. Posted June 6th @ 9am

Podcast | Episode 13 | iTunes (Download) RTS – A Contract For Student Achievement with special guests, education activist Lynnell Mickelson and MinnPost’s education reporter, Beth Hawkins.  Podcast posted Monday, June 1st @6am.

Podcast | Episode 12 | iTunes (Download) RTS – Caging the black mind, with guest Educator and 2006 Minnesota Teacher of the Year Lee-Ann Stephens. Podcast posted Saturday, May 23rd at 10pm.

Podcast | Episode 11 | iTunes (Download) RTS – Is public schooling dead? with Justin Cohen  Posted Sunday, May 17th 2015 @ 9pm

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