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Episode 92 | shelby j


Shelby J.’s highly anticipated solo album was released Thursday in honor of Prince who made her promise to finish the album.  It is a tribute to the education she received from her friend and mentor, the purple Yoda himself, Prince.

Shelby J. grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina.  She met Prince while performing with Larry Graham at Prince’s 3121 club at the Rio in Las Vegas.  Prince asked her to join his band and at the time she was in Anthony Hamilton’s band.  Shelby tells that story about calling Anthony Hamilton to ask if he would mind if she performed in Prince’s band. His response was “if Prince asked me to perform, I would join his band”.  Prince informed Shelby J., a name he gave her, that they would be starting rehearsal for the epic 2007 Superbowl halftime show.

Shelby J. learn the business of music from Prince and follows his teachings of being an independent artist.  Follow Shelby J on Twitter: @therealshelbyj and on Facebook: shelbyjmusic.  Click here to download 10 by shelby j.

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