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When you have a lot to say, people often quote you. Well, if feedback is a gift, consider Citizen Stewart a philanthropist. Below is a selection of news stories that I have contributed to in one way or another.
Focusing on college readiness is only half the story

Bernadeia Johnson’s pivotal year

Two weeks later, the MFT and MPS Board are still hiding

A change of heart for Minneapolis board member on the value of school competition

Minneapolis School Board to consider stronger anti-harassment resolution

Surprisingly, Facebook is home to a civil discussion on teacher issues

To Tell The Truth: Chris Stewart

Star Tribune: No Union Represents Children

Before anything else, close the belief gap

Facebook Houses Teacher Seniority / Student Achievement Discussion

Is PR Contract a pay-off to critic?

Alternative teacher licensing to help bridge the achievement gap

A conversation with Minneapolis Public Schools Board member Pam Costain and Chris Stewart

Minneapolis School Board passes stringent anti-gay bullying, pro-LGBT curriculum

The education of Bernadeia Johnson

The African American Leadership Forum

A monumental meeting to help students

Minneapolis teacher contract negotiations: are you paying attention?

Minneapolis Public Schools teacher contract negotiations: Public or not-so-public debate

Will your voice be heard in school board elections?

‘Trigger’ law would give parents clout in schools

Generation Next launches to help enable ‘cradle to career’ success

New coalition targets achievement gaps in schools

Public Debate vs. Community Engagement

Battle for school board about more than money

Welcome to our little Minne-ssippi

Reformers keep the heat up

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