April 3, 2020

SHAWNTA BARNES: What you need to know during COVID-19 if your child has an ILP, IEP, or 504

The COVID-19 school closures have been tough on both parents and teachers; however, we still must work together to ensure we can do the best for students at this time. The bottom line is school staff must communicate with parents, and if this is not happening, then parents must advocate for their children to ensure they are receiving the best education at this time.

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More than 100 pastors tell legislators to stop attacks on school choice

Even though research says otherwise, teachers unions fund constant communications efforts that frame the fight for school choice as a policy battle between grassroots defenders of public education (who only want to preserve the public’s schools) and the cigar-smoking corporate fatcats who fund campaigns to “destroy” America’s most vital child-serving institutions. 

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