August 3, 2020

Suddenly homeschooling? Khan is here to help

Sal Khan's platform helps millions of homeschooling parents

COVID-19-related school closures have left many parents suddenly homeschooling their youngins. More than half of the nations kids are our of school.

That’s a lot of kids. When will they go back to school? Can’t say. How will we keep them on track? Dunno. Are there tools to help parents support their students at home?

Yes. Here it is. Our friends at Khan Academy are doing an amazing job of providing usable information to educators, students, and parents.

Today, they’re publicizing several webinars you might find helpful:

  • Wednesday, April 29: How to motivate and engage your kids in learning (3 PM PT / 6 PM ET) One of the most-asked questions we’ve heard from parents is: how do I motivate my kids to learn? We sit down with Conor Corey, a teacher, Khan Academy Ambassador, and parent of 4, to learn his student motivation tips and strategies. RSVP now.

If you missed previous parent webinars, you can view them on YouTube here. And you can find all of Khan’s remote learning resources for parents and teachers on this site.

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