August 4, 2020

SHAWNTA BARNES: What you need to know during COVID-19 if your child has an ILP, IEP, or 504

Shawnta Barnes, an educator, administrator, librarian, gardener, and mother blogging from Indianapolis has timely advice for parents of students with special learning plans.

I’m an educator, but I’m also a parent of a child with a 504. There has been a lot of confusion lately from both teachers and parents about how services for students with IEPs, ILPs, and 504s will continue while schools are closed. An ILP (individual learning plan) outlines services for English language learners. An IEP (individual education plan) outlines services for special education students. A 504 plan, which has some overlap with an IEP, provides services to students with a physical disability or mental health diagnosis that could interfere with their education without students being part of special education. For example, a child could have a 504 because he or she uses a wheelchair or suffers from anxiety or depression.  On the days that your child’s school is in session implementing e-learning and not using waivers days granted by the governor, your child’s school must provide general services and specialized services for all students.

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