August 4, 2020

What Teachers Should Do While Schools Are Closed — Indy K12

In this post from INDY K12, Andrew Pillow provides steps teachers can take to stay on top of their game as the nation takes measures to contain COVID-19. Pillow teaches in Indianapolis, IN.

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In the fallout of the ongoing global pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19), many districts have temporarily closed schools. This, of course, is in an attempt to stop the spread of the illness. The vast majority of these schools are telling their teachers to stay home as well. Even though these school closures come as the result of a pandemic, it’s probably tempting for some teachers to think of this as a break. This is the wrong attitude.

Yes, the coming weeks are probably going to entail a lighter workload. Yes, it is understandable to be a little relieved to get a break. However, it’s important to remember that teachers still have a responsibility to their students. As most of them are still getting paid during this time, here are some recommendations for teachers while schools are closed.

What Teachers Should Do While Schools Are Closed — Indy K12

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