August 4, 2020

Raising Children is like being pecked to death by Chickens

A mother tells her story of discovering her daughter made a mistake, lied about it, and another adult knew but didn’t say anything. Jenni Beth is a blogging smalltown mother of four. Her blog is Life With The Rhynes. To read the entire story, click the link beneath the blurb.

Somewhere in our culture there has come this shift, where teachers and elders are wrong, and kids are right. Where parents accuse other children, teachers, or leaders for their child’s wrongdoings. This shift is ruining our kids. It’s ruining us. It’s making us be ruled by these sassy, smart mouth, know it all kids, that literally know nothing. It’s awful! I want my babies to be perfect. Oh how I wish they would do no wrong and make me look like the best mom on the planet. BUT they are kids, they are supposed to screw up, and we are supposed to catch them in it, punish them for it, teach them right, and then laugh about it when their kids act stupid. We can’t do this if we feel we are constantly in competition with one another to be the best mom of the best kids. We gotta be honest guys, we gotta be willing to push harder, to share the hard stuff, to have the hard times, and to hold each others hand through it all.

Raising Children is like being pecked to death by Chickens — Life’s a Garden, Dig It

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