August 3, 2020

I’m sorry, but crap like this deserves zero tolerance

We are doomed if we can’t talk openly about culture, especially when it goes this bad.

The video below is a next-level case study in family failure. In it a fight goes from shouting to an all-out brawl where many norms – even those associated with fighting – are trashed.

Men hit women.

Young women hit the elderly.

Babies and children remain in harm’s way.

Dysfunction spills out before the most family-friendly place on Earth – Disneyland. And, though bystanders make mostly soft attempts to intervene while many stand idle, probably frozen by shock.

There could be many arguments to excuse this behavior. Income inequality fosters low levels of education, corrupts home environments, and produces dysregulation issues for generation after generation.

The world is unfair and the natural outcome for that is social strife.

That argument is too fancy for me. Even after all of the structural injustice in the world is accounted for there is still such thing as doing wrong, even for people who have been historically wronged.

I can’t say that my upbringing protected me fully from scenes like this. I saw my share and then some. But, for me, as an adult and a father now, participation in the culture that produces behavior that gross is a personal choice – one I refuse.

Just last month I stood with my wife and kids in the exact spot where this fight took place. It’s in Toon Town, the section of Disneyland for the smallest kids. You can visit Minnie and Mickey Mouse in their respective homes (they live separately), and get pictures with the stars themselves. There’s a baby roller coaster that allows the younger ones a less-than-scary thrill ride. Innocence and safety abounds. There’s no sense that violence is even possible there.

Then comes these fools.

I can’t imagine what my kids would think witnessing this hot garbage. They wouldn’t have a point of reference for it, and frankly, I don’t want them to.

It’s not something I think any of us should understand or to tolerate.

If we, as a community, fail to set and keep standards from the bottom-up, we pay the price of scenes like this.

2 thoughts on “I’m sorry, but crap like this deserves zero tolerance

  1. Listening to Ep.21 of your Podcast. You are correct. We need to hold our people accountable. Because, no one is doing it for us….

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