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PODCAST: Another day, another Teacher tantrum…this time in Oakland

Follow the lead of teachers across the country, the Oakland teachers union is set to strike for....wait for it....more pay, more union members, and a cap on charter schools.

Here we go again. This time it’s Oakland that is bracing for a teachers strike that will disrupt the education of children who are already so far behind.

According to the SF Chronicle, the OEA is demanding the following:

A 12% raise. OUSD teachers start at $46,500, and the average salary is $63,100.

Smaller class sizes, OUSDs has the second highest student to teacher ratio amongst CA districts with more than 20,000 students.

The union had its most massive turnout for a vote ever with 8:10 teachers casting a vote to strike with a 95% vote.

What was missing from the article was the planned ask of the union for a charter moratorium, similar to LAUSD. A charter moratorium is also expected to in Denver as well. While the strike is seeking better conditions for teachers, it is also an aggressive move against education reform and charter schools.

To help us understand what is at issue we invited Dr. Brian Stanley, the former Executive Director of the Oakland Public Education Fund, and education activist Dirk Tillotson, founder and executive director of the nonprofit Great Schools Choices.


Fast Facts – 2018-19 – OUSD… by on Scribd

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