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POD: It’s time for the first 8 Black Hands show

For those who would stand in the way of 8 million black children getting a an education: get ready to catch these hands.

Deep in the heart of public school education wars rage on, and few warriors come to fight for the people. Yet, there is one small band of freedom fighters bring sanity to the village. Anyone who threatens the education of our 8 million black children is likely to catch these eight black hands.

In this first episode, the crew (Ray Ankrum, Charles Cole, Sharif El-Mekki, and Citizen Stewart) introduce the show and talk about the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King, public school integration, and the big money that funds anti-school choice activists.


Here are pieces we discuss:

If you think excellence can’t exist in all-black schools, you’re tripping, by Sharif El-Mekki

The problem with you calling us out for being funded by hedge fund billionaires is that you’re funded by hedge fund billionaires, by Citizen Stewart

1.8 Million reasons for me to stay at home, by Ray Ankrum

The relationship between the black church and black education in Oakland, by Charles Cole

Pursuing the power of self-sovereignty and personalized learning to create secure citizens and abundant communities. #TheOppositeOfSchool #AllPowerToThePupil

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  2. Penny Kapanika

    February 3, 2019 at 9:04 pm

    Proud to see Mr. Ankrum representing Summer Principals Academy in the fight to provide excellence in education to all students.

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PODCAST: It’s black history month, and….?

Should we get tied up in controversies about blackface?

The crew, sans Cole, talks about blackface scandals, the meaning of black history, and the need to stay focused on black education.

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Imagine me being a guest on an educator’s podcast

I’ve missed doing my Rock The Schools podcast because one of my favorite things to do is talk about education with people who know something about it. So when Seth Tripp contacted me about being a guest on his Educator Escape podcast I was honored and excited.

Seth facilitated an honest dialogue about the lived-experiences we bring to schooling and how we must do better to accommodate the needs of diverse students.

Here are the three parts of our discussion:

Episode 1: Be Dangerous

In part one of my three-part interview with activist, writer, speaker, concerned parent, and Twitter activist Chris Stewart, aka Citizen Stewart and I discuss how the fear of his adolescent educational shortcomings and pitfalls, drove him to become the advocate and activist for a better education system, that he is today, for the sake of his son.

Episode 2: Still Eating Spaghetti

In part 2 of my conversation with education activist Chris Stewart, we discuss how we can cater education to students in every culture. We also discuss how having the right ingredients is the most important part about baking the metaphorical cake of education.

Episode 3: Keeping The Faith

In the last part of a three-part interview with education activist Chris Stewart, Chris and I discuss why school districts may need organizational psychologists. We also tackle how school districts and individual teachers can affect change to the students who bring a multitude of different cultures to their classroom.

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