August 3, 2020

Why I Homeschool — capturing the charmed life

Sometimes choosing to homeschool isn’t the result of terrible issues with local schools.

Sometimes it’s just a choice. This mother tells of her journey there.

Does public education inspire a desire for learning? Or do my children generally spend most of their time wrestling with their identity, responding to labels and uncertain interactions with peers when they’re at school? And was this my experience?

Am I learning what I need to learn to become the unique person that I was born into the world to be by attending school?

Hmm, I had to admit that some of the arguments presented seemed aligned with my experience.

But isn’t avoiding the school social issues just a way to attempt creating an unreachable utopia? Don’t all the troubling interactions prepare children to grow up happier, more content with themselves, more aware of who they are and able to deal with conflict?

Wouldn’t the lack of constant companionship with similar aged peers make my children lonely? Does it make me feel lonely? Hmmm, do I even choose my friends based on age?

Nonetheless, who am I to decide their education?  Isn’t the government the most capable to decide what my children should be taught, what they should think is valuable? Won’t the school system make sure that no knowledge bits will be missed in my child’s education? I certainly don’t know everything.

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