July 10, 2020

I won’t be watching your president tonight, but enjoy it


Tonight at 8:00 p.m. central time Donald J. Trump will enter the United States House chamber to deliver his state of the union speech.

I won’t be watching. Neither will my children. That’s a shame, but that’s where we are as a country a year after a race fueled backlash elected a white-rights president.

Trump is your president, not mine. That’s not my opinion; he has made that clear. My people are “sons of bitches.” My relatives are “bad hombres.” My neighbors are to be banned from the country, and my sisters are little more than targets for groping.

I am not white, male, and angry about losing privilege. I am without a representative in what has become the whitest house in the history of white houses.

Tonight, I expect he will praise himself for an economy that is working well for everyone except the Carrier employees who elected him.

He will likely value-signal toward a military he avoided all of his privileged life; praise law enforcement as a reflexive counter to the bothersome movement for police accountability, and he will – once again – attempt to scare the bejesus out of Americans about dangerous immigrant gang members.

All the while he will be holding the lives of a million or more undocumented immigrants hostage, somewhat like the Joker in Gotham giving Batman to either save this group or that group, but not both.

And, many of you will normalize the abnormal, the immoral, the ridiculous. You will say he sounds “moderated” and more presidential than ever. His bar is so low he could stand at the podium in silence and it would earn praise as an improvement from those of you too callow to analyze further.

Trump is a resetting of all the social, racial, and economic contracts we’ve negotiated through democracy for generations. Many before him have dreamed of unwinding gains by non-white people in the way he is doing, but few were brave enough to give decent people the language and rationale for dehumanizing everything nonwhite.

How clear is the reset?

Trump has turned Evangelists into porn defenders, USA patriots into Russia apologists, and the few good men of the Republican party into pandering subordinates.

This is your president. This is your moment to shine and show yourself to be all that you’ve secretly been for years, but couldn’t admit.

Welcome to the hate of the union.

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