August 12, 2020

This American Hype

I fully realize that the world does not need one more podcast.

Still, after spending a weekend in Hull, Massachusetts with my homie Justin Cohen this past March it seemed inevitable that we would take our meandering, incessant conversations to the next level.

Which brings me to The Beard Brothers Dope Show episode #1 (I’ll let Mr. Cohen explain why half of the Beard Brothers is beardless). In this first podcast we talk about the many inquiries I’ve had from friends wondering if I’ve listened to those horrendous episodes about school integration on the podcast This American Life.

Not only have I listened to them, I also ended up on a panel with Nikole Hannah-Jones, the celebrated New York Times magazine writer and integration fundamentalist featured in the TAL series. On a panel made up of people educating black children in mostly non-white settings, she was the outlier of the group – and it showed. Most of the room was not feeling her overweening belief in school integration as the sole educational strategy for poor black children.

Luckily white America eats up her schtick. It gives Justin and me a lot to chew on.

Take a listen as we take a crack at all the hype
about integration.

DopeShow#1 from Citizen Stewart on Vimeo.

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